Mini Synth - Atari Punk Console Mod




Mini synth I built based on the Atari Punk Console. Instead of two 555's or a 556 this uses one 555 and a 4013 D-type flip flop. It has two momentary pitch shifters (up + down) three pots controlling different frequencies, a three way switch for different sounds, and a volume pot. The output is standard 1/4 inch.

It's surprising how much I could fit into such a small space. I considered using LDR's but decided against it as this would prevent me from playing it in the dark.

Second half of the video the synth is running through Autotune playing C minor scales. You can also target the Autotune notes via MIDI keyboard and use the mini synth as a sound source.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ohh, the video isn't available anymore, I'd like to see it somehow, can you re-upload it, please? Despite that, I find it a rather neat idea to put the synth into a lunchbox. :)