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Introduction: Mini Table Saw

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Hi again, Mr Useful here! In this time, we are going to make a Mini Table Saw that really cuts!. Is very simple to make, and it really works for little wooden boards, popsicle sticks and this kind of material.

Take a look at the video below and I hope you enjoy the vídeo.Please leave your comment, I want to know what do you think of this project. See you in the next tutorial!

Step 1:



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    Great design. But I think that it that there needs to be some way to access the batteries, motor and blade.

    Nice build. Would be better if the "blade" and batteries were removable so they could be replaced if damaged or when the battery runs flat


    2 years ago

    nice proof of concept. It seems to have some difficulties with cutting, any plans on fixing that?

    2 mistakes in that vid stuck out. the 'engine' was actually a motor. and the 'bottle cap' is a jar lid ;) otherwise an interesting project :)

    1 reply

    thanks for the feedback, im not english and sometimes i get confused with some words!