Mini Test Hooks

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Well Guys/Gals   Here I Have a Set of Mini Test Hooks. To use with  A Multimeter. Sometimes its hard to get to Small places.

All you need is Two Mini Hooks. $1.20 Each

One Set of Alligator Clips 30 Cents.

1st Dismantle Clips, Pull Back on the base and the metal bit will come out, its Bend  so unbend it...

2nd   Pull out the spring  and the metal Bit from the Cap.

3rd   Drill a hole on top of the Cap.

4th   Cut Alligator Cord in Half. Now you have two.

5th  Remove Plastic Cover from The Clip.  Get a Small Piece of Heat Shrink and  Cover the base of the Alligator Clip. see picture.
Do the same to the other  Mini Hook.

6th  Get one end of the Cut Wire And Put it Through The Hole On Top of Cap So the Wire is On the Inside.
7th   Solder Wire to metal Bit. See pictures
8.      Re installed the Plastic Cover on the Alligator Clip. Get a Piece of Heat Shrink to put at the end of Plastic Cover,This way it will not  move Back.
9.   Put Together The Mini Hook... Metal Bit Goes inside Cap ,next The Spring, Last The Tip. and  Bend the tip.


And Presto Go Measure Something.

I Will be Making Them Longer. At least 15 inches Long.

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    7 Discussions


    11 months ago

    It's best NOT to take the clip completely apart. Also, there is no need to drill a hole in the top. If you pull off only the cap you can then solder a wire to the clip. Use the hole in the side of the cap to thread the wire through. If you flatten out the end of the clip and remove it as suggested in these instructions, you'll have a very hard time bending the tip of the clip back into the precise bend needed to properly fit the plastic slot.

    BTW, I found these on EBay at $0.89 for 10 of them. Takes 2 months for shipping though.


    2 years ago

    I was a bit mystified on how to cobble wire onto these until I found your guide. I've just whipped up four of them and wanted to thank you for sharing this.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    You do not have to take mini grabber hooks apart in order to solder them. Just use micro flat alligator clips as a heat sink. Anyhow, instead of doing this I've just made test leads with a number of different ends. I get probes with every multimeter I buy so after a while I've accumulated a lot of probes to chop up. I have a whole tub of just probe leads.


    5 years ago

    Well done. I ahte trying to mesure smd comp. with regular sized probes.

    1 reply