Mini Tic-Tac Fan!

Introduction: Mini Tic-Tac Fan!

About: Hey, I am a boy from Norway and I am 15 years old. I have always been interested in tec and electronics. I am going to make many different small and big electronics projects, those will be easy to make and fun…

Hey, guys. Here is my tic-tac fan project! This is super easy to make and it works great in the summer heat. The first thing you will do is to wire it all together. You don't need to solder it together, you can just use some hot glue! Then you need to drill our cut a hole for the wire form the battery, the reason you will have the battery on the outside is beacuse it will be easy to change. The you need to drill a holde for the engine stick. I took some plastic form a iscream lid and cut the lid as an propeller, I drill a hole the same size as the engine stick. I took and attached the switch on the lid of the tic-tac box. Now it's just to put it all in and your done! It's an super easy project and it's much fun to! I will make more tic-tak box project in the future so please folow me for that.

Here is a test of the fan:

This is what you wil need:
1 9V battery clip
1 XL tic-tac box
1 9V battery
1 Small 
1 Small switch
An Iscream lid
Some spare wire

Tools you will need:
A sharpy
A drill and a small drillbit
Hot glue gun and glue
A sharp knife

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