Mini Tin Flashlight (Altoids Little Sister)

Introduction: Mini Tin Flashlight (Altoids Little Sister)

My first instructable!!

I thought it would be pretty cool and a challenge to make my sister a little light she could keep in her purse. This little tin only measured in at 2.3"x1.6"x.6". 

I wanted to do something a little different and utilize the Led's I had bought for my car. I also wanted to have it set-up where replacing the lamp would be a snap. The bulb is a 12v 9mm bayonet twist on style. I don't recall the wattage of the bulb...but its bright! I'm pretty surprised that the battery is hanging in there longer than I expected. Definitely not made to be a primary light, just a convenient bright little light when needed.

Here are the parts I used:
12v 9mm bayonet led (as mentioned above)
Miniature bayonet base (Radio Shack 272-0355)
MN 21/23 Battery Holder
MN 21/23 12v Battery
Sub-Mini push button switch (Radio Shack 275-1571)

Step 1: Drill Holes

Pretty self explanatory. Drill a small hole on one end for the button switch. And a whole on the opposite end for the bulb.

Step 2: Soldering Everything Up

This took some patience. Its such a tiny area to work in. I played around with some 2 sided tape to get things in the right location and to give keep things out of my way when I began to solder.

Step 3: The Final Product

Yes, she's extremely bright! 

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