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Introduction: Mini Traffic Light Arduino

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Thetraffic lights are very important in everyday life, especially in driving down the road. Now I will make a small traffic lights (mini traffic light) which will simulate the workings of an actual traffic light. Mini traffic light is made using a microcontroller arduino uno R3.

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Step 1: • What Do You Need?

What do you need are:

  1. Arduino uno r3
  2. Breadboard
  3. Jumper cabel (male to male)
  4. Resistor (optional)
  5. LED (Red, Yellow, Green)

Step 2: Connection

The components that already exist, then connected in order to be integrated each other. This connection is made in Fritzing software. The following is the diagram on picture.

Step 3: Program

Program in Arduino is made using Arduino IDE. The following is a small part of program.

Step 4: Application for Android Smartphone

Applicationfor android smartphone is made using MIT App Inventor 2 by online. The application named “Traffic Light”. The following is screenshots of application.

Step 5: Additional

for more information or get sourcode can sen message to

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