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I know that there are people who have been waiting for uzi instructions and I haven't posted any so I decided to do even better than just post uzi instructions. I decided to post mini uzi instructions! This knex mini uzi made by me has one big advantage over the first uzi I made,it doesn't need a modified firing pin like BM made for his mp7! One of the disadvantages is that the range (depends on how many rubber bands you use) is sadly lower, having an average of 35 ft for me. This gun is the correct size (I followed mini uzi blueprints) except I chose to make the barrel shorter to help with the range some.I hope you like it, please comment and fav =)
And now I'm off to start an uzi conquest using the uzi formula "evil laugh"

Step 1: Building Some Parts

Pic 1 build 2 of these
Pic 8 is the front sight
Pic 9-11 is the rear sight
Pic 15-16 is two pics of the firing mech, notice the green connectors in 16 they are required for the gun to work

Step 2: Assembly

pic 9 add the other side of the frame and those other 2 pieces
some of the pics have notes so if your stuck in an area check for the notes!

Step 3: YOUR DONE =D

congrats,you survived making all of those extremely complicated parts and now have a plastic mini uzi that uses plastic ammo to mow things down with =P If you encounter any problems please leave a comment below about the and I'll see if I can tell you how to fix it =)



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    With a bit of creativity you could use the mechanism from one of my full-auto guns and modify it to fit. Be adventuresome = )


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    I get notified about comments by email, so yes I'm keep kinda around still.


    4 years ago does it shoot...? did I do it wrong...? my Instagram is @spooky_tron so get on there and DM me please. I hope you have an Instagram, but if not, my problem was building that thing in the very last picture, how do I build it??? you only show one picture of it and I don't know how to build the inside. Thanks for the cool looking gun though, it really looks like a mini Uzi! see ya

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    actually you don't have to DM me you can just reply :D I hope this instruct able isn't too outdated or "old" and you aren't on anymore.


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    Are you talking about the magazine? If so it is just 10 yellow connectors, 4 red connectors, 4 orange connectors and 2 grey connectors+ green and white rods. Then add some form of magazine pusher and a firing pin + ammo :)


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Am I the only person who thinks the Uzi is one of the ugliest guns ever built? I mean seriously I would rather have any gun over an Uzi.