Mini Virtual Monopoly for When You're on the Go




About: Weird Randomness

An easy Monopoly on your phone that you can play in the car or on the go.All you need is the Sketchbook app(Also created by Autodesk).

Step 1: A Great Drawing Tool

Download the Sketchbook app to use as your main tool.

Step 2: Basic Board

Draw a square with smaller squares as the border, like a mini Monopoly board.Use the picture to help you.

Step 3: Add Property to Buy.

Draw different coloured squares inside all the border squares except 5.This is to act as property in the game.

Step 4: Add a Start

Draw a green triangle or arrow in an emty block to be a start.

Step 5: Add Tax

Draw a red circle in an emty block.

Step 6: Add a Jail

Draw jail windowbars in one block and an arrow pointing to it in another.

Step 7: A Surprize

Draw a big questionmark in the last open block.

Step 8: Price Tags

Add a number to each block.Eg.To get out of jail,to buy property,tax,salary at start.

Step 9: Surprizes

Write surprizes down in the middle and number them.

Step 10: Rules

Use the Monopoly rules and use a die(or a die app??)to move around and choose surprizes.Use another layer(Cool feature on sketchbook)to make notes on the open white parts and mark blocks(you can erase it later).



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