Mini Walker for Your Dog

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if your dog has a bad hip or hips or just really can’t walk this project is perfect for you and your dog. Please enjoy this to tutorial on how to make a personalized mini walker for your dog.

Step 1: Getting the Parts

For this project you will need PVC pipes, lawnmower tires, of Velcro strap, PVC glue, two end caps, four L connectors, and two T connectors. Depending on the size of your dog you will need to size the PVC pipes differently. For my dog I used two 3 in, two 9 in, two 4 in, and one 7 in.

Step 2: Testing the Fit

For this part DO NOT glue the parts on! This just to test the fit of the parts together and on your dog. Take the 7 in and attach it to the two Ts. Then insert your lawnmower tires to the other ends of the Ts. The Ts should be upside down when you start the next step. Next take the 4 in and attach it to the open end of the T (Do this on BOTH sides). Now attach two Ls to the pipes on both sides. Next connect one other L with one side of the 9 in (Do this for the two 9 pipes), and attach the pipe to the other end of the Ls that are already on the walker. Now for the final few steps all you do is put the 3 in pipes on the Ls and face them downward putting a cap on each one.

Step 3: Putting on the PVC Glue

You basicly do the exact same thing as you did in Step 2 except this time glue everything together.

Step 4: Coustomizing the Mini Walker

Now you can coustomize this how ever you would like. You can cover it with duck tape, or draw on it using sharpie the choice is yours.

Step 5: Putting the Strap On

Someone had asked me for some additional information on putting the strap on and pictures of my dog wearing the walker. I can only give details on the strap, but cannot take a picture of my dog in the walker. It's not because my dog dosen't like the walker, it's because I dont' to train her to use something she dosen't need yet. My dog currently has bad hips, so each day it gets harder for her to walk. That's one of the main reason I built this DIY. I do hope you are ok with this, anywho lets finish this tutorial. I used velcro straps, and put the soft side towards my dog. All you need to do to attach is throw your strap across the 9 in pipes.

I hope you enjoyed this to tutorial on how to make a mini customizable dog walker.



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    4 Discussions


    Question 6 months ago

    Just wondering if you have photos from different angle (like front and better quality) that show the finished Mini Walker, how the strap is being connected to the Walker and the way that the strap is being tied to a dog.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Answer 6 months ago

    to attach the strap put it around your dog’s belly and simply slide each 9 in PVC pipe through the inside on the left and right sides of the strap.

    This works because your dog uses her/his front paws to walk while the wheels help the back paws go forward.


    Answer 6 months ago

    Thank you for your explanation but I still can't imagine how the strap work. Do you have by chance a photo taken from front that show the walker with the strap on it?