Mini Wall Powered Fan

Introduction: Mini Wall Powered Fan

First u want to get a small Pc fan from an old desktop tower from an old pc u dont use find the fan cut the wires from the circuit board and keep the wires intact with the fan

Step 1:

Find an old phone charger u don't use or a pc speaker wall outlet power supply make sure it puts out 6 volts to 8 or 12 whatever works for ya just don't use more than twelve volts.

Step 2:

Cut the wall power supply wire splice it and strip some plastic covering of the fan wire

Step 3:

Plug in the wall power supply into a wall outlet take the spliced wires on it and touch them to the fan wires find the positive and negative

Step 4:

Next connect and twist the wires and wrap electrical tape around them and make sure the positive and negative are not touching.

Step 5:

This step requires some creativity find a wire coat hanger cut of the long straight piece and make ur self a fan stand!!!

Step 6:

No ur done plug it into the wall and look at ur awesome homemade mini fan!!!!

Ps; even if u want u can add some stay paint!!
Hope u guys like it!!

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