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Introduction: Mini Water Gun Add Comments

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So a couple days ago i was in the mood of pranking someone. And nothing is better than a good safe prank. So i gathered a bunch of useless home materials that had either been broken or no good for what they were meant for. In the end i came up with the mini water gun. This project will cost you barely a buck and is fun to do. It should take you no more than 5-10 minutes. The purpose of this project is to fool your friends into looking close at it in wonder at what the heck it is; and at the right moment, you squirt them unexpectedly. This was never one of my main projects, i was just a bit bored so i put my hands to work. Anyways, you are going to need a useless windex cleaner bottle a eagle papermate pen, (or any other type of week barreled pen). And just in  case keep a broken mechanical pencil for back up parts. Also keep a screwdriver handy. And scissors.

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Step 1: Taking "it" Apart

The first step is to take apart the windex bottle. First screw off the actual bottle from the structure which you pull and release. Discard the bottle and put the other object in front of you. Take a screw driver and unscrew the structure until you can pry it into two halves. Or if there are no screws, than somehow pry it apart; i suggest with a hammer. Now when you take it apart you are going to find a part like the one shown above. Except bigger. The one im using is from a mini spray bottle.

Step 2: The Search

Next find those two objects depicted below. Keep them handy. Yours wont look exactly the same but similar.

Step 3: The Search Continues.

Now find the nozzle and that tubing. Then take that tubing and cut it into a piece 1 inch larger than the pump. If you mess up then use the tubing from the mechanical pencil. Now attach them. Again. Now attach the clear tubing to the water outtake connector and onnect the whole peace to one side of the pump.

Step 4: Snap!

 Empty the insides of the pen. Now take that pen tubing and snap it in half.

Step 5: Final Touches...

Now with a tiny scissor make a hole just a tiny bit bigger than the intake connector end, at the bottom of the pen half.  Push the intake end into the port at the bottom of the pen.

Step 6: Real Simple

Now connect them together. Fill the pen with water and press the pump. If nothing happens, than switch the intake and outtake ports. If there are any leaks some putty should do it. Now go  prank someone! Have fun! PLEASE COMMENT!

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