Introduction: Mini-Weedwacker

This is an electronic miniature weedwacker used to trim grass without taking up much space in your home.

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Step 1: Connect a Motor to a Battery Pack

I used any wire I found and soldered the wires, connecting the battery pack to the motor. This is done in order for the motor to function.

Step 2: Attach the Top Piece That Will Cut the Grass

Attach a wooden piece to hold the cutters by drilling a small hole in the wood and then insert it into the motor. Attach a cutter by twisting two pieces of wire together and then hot gluing it to the wood.

Step 3: Cover the Current Weedwacker in Cardboard

Surround and hot glue the weedwacker in cardboard without covering the spinning part and the on/off switch on the battery pack as shown in the picture.

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