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Introduction: Mini Wine Glass Pot

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Tired of ordinary pots? Do you want something more elegant to decorate your desk? Well, this idea may serve your needs!

Step 1: Tools & Supplies


  • Mini wine glass
  • Gravel
  • Sea shells
  • Potting soil
  • Succulents
  • Water


  • Popsicle or stir stick
  • Soft paintbrush (optional)

Step 2: Add Layers

You must have in mind that drainage is the key for succulents. The wine glass will not have any holes, so we have to add something else than soil on the bottom of it.
I chose gravel and sea shells. Because the sea shells are brighter than the soil, I decided to add some gray gravel on the base and put sea shells between the gravel and the soil, to add some contrast.
Place the nicest peaces of the shells around the sides of the glass, so that they'll be visible after you add the soil.
If the soil is dry, add some water drops and stir it in a mixing bowl. You don't want your soil to be either dry or muddy. Add the potting soil in the glass and leave a hole in the middle for the succulents' roots.

Step 3: Add Succulents

Carefully hold the three baby succulents together and gently join their roots. Use some soil to hold them together if they don't cooperate. :P
Put the succulents in the hole you left in the soil, add more soil around the plants and pack it gently.

NOTE: Make sure your plant is outside the glass (means that the soil is about at the rim of the glass) and your plant's leaves are not touching the soil.

Step 4: Take Care of These Babies!

Clean the leaves with a soft paintbrush, if they have any soil on or between them.
Put your glass pot in a sunny place and keep the soil moist, not wet. If you can't tell if the soil is moist or not, it's better to let the soil get a little dry between watering than to over-water.

Add some extra Love and they will be okay! :)

Happy spring 2017!



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    Have you ever made something as a gift and then like it more than you thought and wanted to keep it for your own? Well, that's exactly what happened with this!! Hahaha ?

    I have done it many times. I try to give it anyway--I can only fit so much in my house. I am thinking of using up a few miss-matched glasses that I have. I will enjoy them for a few days/weeks until I have someone to give each one to. That way I get to enjoy them but hopefully not long enough to kill them.

    Oh! How could you kill them?
    I usually keep them for some days or weeks in order do be sure that the plants are healthy and they will not die a few days after I give them away. So I enjoy them anyway! ^_^

    I have managed to kill an awful lot of plants that people said couldn't be killed. But I keep trying.

    that's really neat!
    I voted for you too!
    God luck!

    Thank you and don't be sorry about the typo, we are humans!! ?