Mini Wormy Compost Bin




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A simple counter top worm bin for people who have little space or want to try out vermicomposting

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Step 1: The Stuff

1-one gallon bucket

2- 1/4lb red wigglers

3-tea filter or fine mesh

4-news paper

5-food scraps

Step 2: Vent

-To make the vent cut a whole in the lid

-cut the tea filter into two squares then glue a square to each side of the hole this

-the vent will let add ventilation while keeping unwanted bugs out

Step 3: Filling

-shred the paper and soak them in water then take the damp paper strips and add then to the bottom of the bucket until you have about 3 inches of paper the paper will be used as bedding for the worms

-add a small layer of food to the bucket keep in mind the worms will eat their own body weight in food each day once they get adjusted to their new home.

-add the worms on top of the food layer then add a second layer of damp bedding paper on top.

-continue layering until you are about 2 inches from the top then cap it off with some slightly damp paper this will keep the smell in the bin the add your cover and you're done.

Step 4: Placement

- find a place that is cool and slightly dark this will keep the bin from getting hotter than it normally would possibly cooking your worms.

-check your worms progress the food and bedding will be converted to worm castings once this happens just remove your worms from the casting and restart your bucket

-ps worm casting = worm poop


Step 5:

If you liked my project and made your own feel free to post your pictures and feedback in the comment

-help me out by voting for my project

-enjoy your worms

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    the idea is just to keep the bin in a area where the bin will not get to hot which will cause the worms to cook so when I say cool I mean a temp that will keep the worms comfortable so your cool house will be fine as long as it is not freezing worms can handle the cold weather but they might get a bit sluggish when really cold so just make sure they dont freeze and they will be good

    Waldemar Sha

    2 years ago

    How cool the "cool" is? I mean, at what temperatures will it work? I want to try it at winter so that I could keep composting indoors in small batches, but it's not that warm in my home.