Mini-ZipGun BB Shooter

Introduction: Mini-ZipGun BB Shooter

Just messing around, didn't know it would work but it did. Stings at close range. I dunno about distance or accuracy just something really tiny you can pop someone with >:)

Step 1: Too Easy... Time a Minute

1. "cut" however you want 1" off a BIC pen(the fixed one with the black top and white tube. I used a hacksaw and file to get off all the rough edges cos they could tear the rubber or hinder the bb from shooting out.
2. Feed a small (cheap ass tiny) water balloon through the tube but leave the top sticking out enough so you can pull it over the tube and secure it with a small rubber band. (see the diagram)
3. You'll prolly need a some sort of push rod to get a BB through the barrell and into the "sac"
4. once in the sac, just pull back and let go!

I never tested the accuracy all I know it hurts and its REALLY really tiny... only reason why I posted it. :)



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    u made this up yourself?! its all over the internet sinds i dont now, i learned this when i was a kid mine shot over 100 yards (accurate...)

    This is actually a pretty old idea. It was posted all over the web a LONG time ago.

    My friends used to do this with hair curlers and rubber glove fingers. The gloves work better, and I perfected it by using a 1.5 ft long PVC pipe instead of a hair curler, and Mardi-Gras beads for ammo. (we got them on our trip to New Orleans) The beads shatter into tiny peices when they hit, and leave huge welts. It rocks. I attached a lens from my telescope, and I could shot almost 200 ft. You gotta frequently replace the glove/balloon, though.

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    lol me an my friends converted a watergun system into the firing mechanism and used a 2metre long piece of pvc

    these where called jonny poppers we used to saw off round just under the lid of a bottle and attch a condom to it (smooth side) then put a stone (or whatever u have) into the jonny pull back and fire and if the person you shot it at comes to close you can stab em with the rough side of it that u cut off coz its usually sharp xD

    thats a good idea i will try that

    Already been posted. Numerous times.