Mini Harvest Due to Excessive Rain

Introduction: Mini Harvest Due to Excessive Rain

About: i got a third chance at a new life! I want to thank my close friends.( 1 lives here) 3 Police deptartments, and food and water as well as a safe house, and protection, my life is going to be great KARMA KARMA …

Our first organized Raised garden planning, brought 3 miniature peppers SIGH.

It rained a lot, but we had bees. So I thought, well at least they were pollinated.

So what on earth can I do with these tiny Peppers?

Step 1: I Have an Idea!!!!!

-2-3 oz of Extra Light Virgin Oil

-1 small empty glass bottle(I used empty Vodka sample bottle,

which I had left over from making my own Vanilla )

- Very carefully cut 3 very hot ripe small peppers in small strips. You do not want to get

oils of hot peppers on your fingers or in your mouth. It burns terribly!!!!

I will check it in a few weeks to see and taste how hot it is

Step 2: This Is My Favorite Olive Oil to Use, Because....

This Olive Oil has a very light taste, and I got spoiled using this oil. When i was making my own Mayonnaise many years ago.


the peppers need to be dried, or cooked in high temperatures.<=

This is again a very short instructable. I believe this is frugal living, in its best form lived.

I am out on short term disability after major trauma. I have sometimes trouble expressing myself in three languages. The curse of being TRILINGUAL!

Constructive critisisism is gladly accepted. I have attempted to use the receved feedback already.

Thank you.

In friendship




Although the season was short, I had a late season harvest ( tiny, I admit).

So I had some empty samples left of my Vanilla refill bottles, I am so glad I hung onto them. ;)

This time I cut the peppers again without touching them.

Maneuvered them carefully into the bottle, and thenfilled with

above shown "

Light Virgin Olive Oil"


Please do not what I did. I added a green pepper, to the first bottle with the Yellow Peppers,

I was so eager to get it in there, I did not pour out some oil first.

=> my silly mistake<=

A little oil spilled on my fingers, no big deal. Or so I thought.

They have not been in the oil all that long, let me check how hot the oil is.

( I went to lick 1 fingertip with my tongue)

BAD IDEA. even short period infusing makes one hot oil. Imagine e running to the fridge, to dip my tongue in full fat milk, which seems to help the Burning feeling.

I would say, Use with caution in any recipe, you wantto add some heat to.

Thank you for looking at my instructables.

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    5 years ago

    I'm from Italy, where is very common to flavour oil with everything you can imagine, also I'm a big pepper fan and I grow several variety each year.
    You unfortunately made an HORRIBLE safety mistake: never ever ever EVER put a fresh pepper in oil. Humidity + lack of oxygen is the perfect environment for the lethal clostridium botulinii to grow. You have to completely dehydrate your pepper before let them sit in olive oil or otherwise boil them for 2 minutes in a solution of water and vinegar (c.b. cannot grow in acid environment).


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you for pointing out my mistake.

    About the Instructable:

    It's well written and the pictures are good. I would suggest adding just a couple more steps, so we can see what it is you are doing with the pepers and oil. I think it's clear that you put the peppers in the bottle and poured the oil over them so that it gets infused with the hot pepper flavour. But for someone who doesn't know anything about making flavour infused oil it might not be so clear.

    When you check it in a few weeks, be sure to take a picture if you can and let everyone know how it turned out. :-)

    I had an extremely disappointing harvest as well this year. 2 tiny zucchini, and 4 or 5 ripe tomatoes, 3 of which developed blight and rotted, and a small bowl full of immature green ones. About 30 extremely small potatoes. Oh and a small handful of peas. Yep, that's about it. An awful lot of work for so little food. But that's the chance you take when you start a garden.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I am trying to show better Pictures, better Story
    better everything
    Thank you