Mini Incinerator From Old Clothes Dryer Drum

Introduction: Mini Incinerator From Old Clothes Dryer Drum

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I posted an instructable about what things you can salvage and how to salvage them from an old clothes dryer (tumble dryer).

One of the things I salvaged was the drum. At first I was unsure as to what I might do with the drum.......

So the mini incinerator idea was born!

I hope you enjoy the instructable and that I might help someone on here.

Please excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes, English is not my first language.


Step 1: Safety

You will be working with metal, sharp edges, power please take the necessary safety precautions as per the power tool manufacturer manuals.

1) Safety Glasses;
2) Safety Gloves;
3) Knowledge of working with power drill;
4) Knowledge of working with power jigsaw;
5) Ear protection.

Step 2: Tools and Equipment

You will need the following tools:

1) Power jigsaw;
2) Steel cutting blade for jigsaw;
3) Power drill;
4) No.6 Steel drill bit.

Step 3: Drilling

I decided that since there is already a straight line of paint missing on the drum (where the belt used to be), that this will be the line on which I will drill holes.

I spaced the holes about a hand width apart +-........but you can measure if you want to.

You want to place the drill bit onto the metal where you want to drill, with the drill not running, as this might lead to the drill sliding.

The holes you drill here will be used to insert the blade of the jigsaw to cut the crosses, to allow the fire to "breath".

Please remember that while drilling, the drill bit can get very hot!

Also, pieces of metel that you drill will get hot!

Step 4: Jigsaw - Cutting

After you drilled all the holes, right around the drum, you can use your jigsaw to cut crosses.

Insert the blade (metal blade) that you attached to your jigsaw into the hole that you drilled.

Cut 4 straight lines (up, down, left, right) from the drilled hole.

When you are done with all the cutting (crosses), you are done!

I decided to also cut the "feeding hole" bigger. That is the hole you will use to put whatever you want to burn, into the drum.

This is not necessary, but I did it anyway. See photo 5 of the "feeding hole".

You can then build legs or a stang for your mini incinerator, to get it off the ground. I used bricks.....

Thats it!

You are done.......

I hope that you enjoyed my instructable and that I could help someone with this.

Please excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes, as English is not my first language.

Thank you!

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks pretty neat. I hope you'll share a photo of it in use sometime. I'd love to see that!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Seamster......sadly I have to report that someone stole my mini incinerator.

    I will find another dryer to salvage a drum from and then I will upload the photos of it in action.

    so sad....was looking forward to incinerate stuff this weekend.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Ah man, that's a bummer. Hopefully you'll be able to find another one soon!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Good news.......I found the culprit.....

    Bad news.......I am not going to take it back!

    Reason: because they stole it so that they can cook food....

    I will definitely get another drum as soon as possible and let you know.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you !

    I will be using it this weekend......hehehehehehe....

    Will take a couple of photos and post it in a "reply" comment here for you.