Mini Knex Gun

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small knex gun, please rate 5 and follow

Step 1: Main Barrel

1. Build half of the barrel

2. Add a blue rod

3. Making the trigger

4. Another picture

Step 2: The Handle


this is simple so i dont think i need to make a over review

Step 3: Firering Pin, and Handle

easy peasy (-:

Step 4: Ammunition

Almost done!

Step 5: Finished

congratz youre done!



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    It's not like we already have tons of simple block trigger guns on this site...
    Try looking around the next time, see what kind of mechanisms are good, learn from other builders etc. But don't post the same old thing that's been around since 2006.


    4 years ago

    Cool, but I would try to get a replacement for the block trigger. Overall nice job though. :)