A papercraft model to assemble the famous (and now re-valued) Mini-Moog, with its foldable panel.

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Step 1: What You Need

You have to download the pdf model from
You have to PRINT it, and cut it.

Note: straight lines ( _ ) are for cutting, but dotted lines (- - -) are for folding

And you also will need:
GLUE (it can be any glue for paper, but you have to be careful with the quantity. I suggest you have a little PAINTBRUSH to distribute the glue properly)
CUTTER (any model, but not rotative)
PLIERS (a little one; you can use an old depilate pliers)

Step 2: The Panel

Take the panel print, fold on all the dotted (- - -) lines.
You have to glue it in a box shape, but as you can see on the pics, there is one side (marked with an "A") that's not glued. It has to be so.

Step 3: The Back Support

The little grey piece you'll find in the pdf is the back support for the panel.
Bend thru the dotted (- - -) lines like the picture.
Then glue just ONE of the borders, and paste it to the back of the panel, where is marked.
See the pics to view where it should be pointed at!

Step 4: Body and Keyboard

Now fold every dotted (- - -) line on the cabinet and keyboard print.

Notice there are some little tabs that should be glued and kept "inside" the model.

Step 5: Fitting the Cabinet and the Panel

Now glue together both parts with the A mark.
It has to be precise, because other way you won't be able to fold the panel.

Step 6: It Should Look Like This...

Folding out or in the panel back support, you have the "play" position (with the panel almost vertical) or the "in the case" position (completely fold)

Now you have a Mini-paper-Moog. That doesn't make a sound. But it's nice.

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