Mini Paper Wishing Star Bottle Necklace/charm





Introduction: Mini Paper Wishing Star Bottle Necklace/charm

This is a simple and easy but adorable idea. I make this necklace to give as a birthday present.

Step 1: What You Need

- Strip of paper for making origami star.
- Small bottle (I brought my in a local shop, it was fill with small plastic decoration, so i mix 2 of them and put a little in my bottle).
- Necklace without pendant.

Step 2: Start Making Your Star

Firstly, cut the paper in to equal 4 pieces (cut horizontal one and another vertical cut).
The paper is very small so it will be very challenging at first. You need to be very care full making each star or it will look funny. I tried a few color to put in the bottle.

Tip: Use tweezers to do the last step.

Step 3: Finishing

Bend 2 jump ring out of paper clip and add one in the neck and another one to connect it to add a necklace.



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