Mini Pinball

Introduction: Mini Pinball

When I was a boy, I loved pinballs (I still do) and I used to build my own toys, I did many pinballs. When my little boy borned I desired to buil one as soon he be able to play. Nickolas is almost 3 years old now, so last week I enjoy some days off from my job working on a mini pinbal, a simple one from now.

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Step 1:

I did this pinbal with many recycled parts, like old toy parts, aluminium from deodorant bottle, wood, etc.
The pinball body is made from a MDF board, framed with MDF also. 40cm X 23cm X 1,5cm
On second and third picture we can see the body being prepared. Notice on 2.jpg the MDF was a CD shelter, we can see old marks.

Step 2: Layout

I choosed Three Little Pigs as the theme on this pinball because my son adores it too much.
In order to have the layout I used a DVD folder (picture 3.jpg), I just removed the main part of the cardboard keeping the printed film.
I cut the excess and just used glue (picture 4.jpg)

Step 3: Making the Flippers

Flippers (the part that bats the ball, I guess is named flipper in English) are the most difficult part on pinballs, mainly the mechanism to move them.
I did them by wood, with rubber around, and a screew is the axis. The axis must be well fixed on them with two nuts below them. On next step we will see a lever will move the axis so the axis will move the flipper. The movement is similar of a windshield wiper.
The stem is made by a copper wire, the buttom is a Coke cover.
A littler rubber makes the spring's job, a spring would be better.

Step 4: Done

This is really a very simple pinbal, not too much movements, systems and effects. Only some ball's paths, gates and lights/sounds from another toy.
My little boy just loved, even not having idea that the ball may not reaches the bottom but be kept playing as longer as possible. For him the sample movement of the ball being launched, kicking and return is already wonderful.

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    6 Discussions


    6 years ago on Step 4

    Unfortunately I didn´t take any video.


    6 years ago on Step 4

    Nice work! do you have any video of gameplay?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you Caitlin!
    That is true, a child can recognize everything we do with love, even not saying that. A person that growing up around with love will be a better person, I really believe on this.
    My dad used to be very busy on his job, I remember he worked more then 12 hours a day, but when we need attention he used to dedicate some time to teach things and help us to build toys. That was very important for me.