Mini Split Ring Scissors

Introduction: Mini Split Ring Scissors

Rigging up a heap of small lures, I found my normal split ring pliers (for larger lures) were just to big and cumbersome for the small split rings and near on useless. Going into a $2 shop I found some small scissors that looked perfect for the job. I know you can buy the small tweezer style ones, but I'm a cheap skate and wouldn't be back at work for a few days anyway, plus it's just not diy to buy some!

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Step 1: The Scissors

I came out of the cheap shop with these two different tools that I thought could be turned into what I wanted. I liked the small nail scissors as they have the big chunky part at the end-prefect for putting in a V shape with enough meat around it. I figured if that idea failed I would work with the tweezer things

Step 2: The Shape Needed

Not much really needs to be said here. It's pretty obvious what you need to do here! I used a Dremel type rotary tool (I'm a right ar#$e remember! plus I can't afford the real deal) with a cutting disk. Took me all of a few minutes to get the right shapes at the end.

You could just as easily put the right shape in using only files and hand tools, rotary tool is far from necessary for making these.

You can probably get away with only one point, I just thought I would try two. Ensure the two points meet up together when closing these up.

Step 3: Final Tweaks

I wanted these to close up slightly more, to open up the split ring just a teency bit more. decided to just bend reach handle part out slightly close to the hinge, so that it would close the front slightly more.

Step 4: Results

I was really happy with how these worked. Better than the tweezers we sell at work, and the scissor style means they a lot tougher, and easier to open and close. They are also stainless, and cost a grand total of about $2.50 and 5 min of the rotary tool and files.

Easily made and worth the investment if you ever find yourself rigging up small lures and don't have the appropriate tools.

Any questions or comments about this I'm keen to hear. My first instructable, so any comments on that I'm keen to hear as well

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    Nice job figuring out how to turn a cosmetic product into a fishing product. Definitely an awesome transformation. Thanks for sharing!


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    Thanks, appreciate that.