Micro Tesla Slayer Youtube




Introduction: Micro Tesla Slayer Youtube

Dear All.. for who want to build a mini tesla coil
youtube MVI 0299
Please see photo to build one.
Thank you


Step 1:

Step 2:



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    7 Discussions

    Hi friend

    Please see newest schema and :

    - Please use zener for save mosfet ( burn)

    Thank you so much

    thanks for the reply. My transformer also doesn't work with a full bridge rectifier, could I use a 22v Zener diode.

    Hi friend

    Yes if your power over 30v and please try with your

    experienced .thank you

    my transformer voltage always lowers to about 1 volt every time I connect it to the cicuit, what are the ratings of ur transformer

    What's the va

    The output current and voltage

    Hi friend
    I think your device will working if you building your device same as NEWEST my schema . If you have problem please check again all component + power + schema. I am ready help you with my possible if you need. Thank you

    okay thanks for the help