Introduction: Mini-theater

The walls of my house are very thin.

So I cannot make a lot of noise at night. It is out of the question to watch movies with the sound cranked. But I love movies and I want to watch movies at night! Therefore, we made a “Mini-theater”. “Mini-theater” is box-shaped and there is a smartphone holder in it. You can attach your smartphone inside of the box. If you wear this box, you can enjoy movies in it. This box reduces the noise, so you can enjoy movies at night without any anxiety. In addition to it, inside of the box is dark. So you concentrate focus on movies and get a presence. We decorated the inside of the box like a movie theater. You will feel as if you were in a movie theater while you wear it!!

Step 1: Materials and Tools List

Materials List

・Cardboard(335mm×395mm×270mm) [192yen]

・Smartphone holder [408yen] ・Black and red clothes [153yen]

・Rubber [406yen]

・Colander [108yen]

・Wire [106yen]

・Double sided tape [108yen]

・Packing tape [108yen]

・Black construction paper [108yen]

・Black tape [86yen]

・Black marker [129yen]

・Paper for decoration

Tool List





Step 2: Make a Box

First, we built up the cardboard box.

Then, we closed the bottom of cardboard box with a packing tape. And we pasted the packing tape the inside of box to reinforce it.

Step 3: Adjust the Eye

We checked the eyes wearing a cardboard and installed a smartphone holder to the height of the eyes with double sided tape.

Step 4: Decorate Inside of the Box

We decorated inside of the box to make it like a movie theater.

First, we cut out a picture of movie theater according to the size of smartphone holder. And then, we stuck it onto the box.

To make red curtains, first we cut red cloth.

Then, we folded it into a bellows-like shape.

And tied one side with wire. After that we folded it in yellow dotted line of the picture.

We pasted the curtain with double-sided tapes on the back side.

In addition, we used not only double-sided tapes but also packing tapes to fix it firmly.

We covered cardboard with black paper to absorb the light.

Step 5: Hole for Operating the Smartphone

10cm square holes was drilled for operating the smartphone.

After light enters into the cardboard, we installed the curtain.

We cut the black curtain with a length of 20cm.

We installed the curtain using double-sided tapes.

Looking from the front like last picture.

It seemed like that I was in the theater room and very realistic!

Step 6: Balance Box on Our Head

We used a colander to fix our head.

We marked where to install the colander and attached it on the top of cardboard using wire.

We cut a 20cm square of rubber We laid the rubber into the colander to feel soft.

Accordingly, we do not feel a pain in our head.

Step 7: A Hole for Inserting a Head

We closed the cardboard box by packing tape.

We made a hole for inserting the head.

We adjusted the size of hole to fit the size of head.

The edge of this hole was reinforced with plastic tape.

Step 8: Decorating the Outside of the Cardboard

We decorated the outside of the cardboard by putting pictures, sticking plastic tape, painting black with pens.

Step 9: Finish!!

The work has been completed successfully!!

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I really like it but you could wear headphones at night,get a splitter if you need more than one headset. I just bought a Gaming Headset on eBay for $12 bucks and they sound great(SADES-SA-921)

    then put on some dark shades for effect or go with the box on your head?

    Either way works.....:)lol


    3 years ago

    Nice 'able. Great concept.