MiniRobot Wooden Cabledriven 6dof RC-Servo

Introduction: MiniRobot Wooden Cabledriven 6dof RC-Servo


I build up a very small Robotic toy for the Desktop.

Inspired by the cable driven approach, I just used cherry wood, some fishing cable, 7- servos (6dof + gripper) and an beaglebone black for control. It interpretes ISO GCode via webinterface...

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Step 1: Base Construction of the Arm- Done With 5mm Boards From Planed Cherry Wood

since the robot is an educational toy, it constructed symmetrically which makes it possible to reach most positions in multiple arm configurations . So it becomes easy to explain the solutions of the inverse kinematic.

The construction is attached as ACIS .sat . and pdf.

Step 2: Milling the Parts

All the parts are small enough to fit onto the table of small desktop mills.

I myself used a LINUXCNC (Machinekit) controlled PROXXON MF70.

Feel free to choose your own machinery.......

Step 3: Some Bearings in Brass and Plastics

The bearings of the joints are done on a small lathe from brass an d Plastic.

Picture 2 shows the way Ibuild up joints 4 and 6. For Joint 1 I used a Ball bearing 25x12x10 mm.

Step 4: Assembly

I used very thin cables from fishing line in an uncompressed 0.5x0.9 Teflon hose. Its a little bit tricky to get the line into the hose, used a thin wire for this job!

The servo-motors are simply mounted on a Board, and the cables of the robot are connected to the original discs of the motors which got a small groove on the lathe and a small bore to make a knot .

Step 5: Testing

don't forget to test everything before closing the box...

Feel free to use a servo tester or the final controller...

Step 6: Closing the Box and Surface Coating.

Finally apply some clearcoat using a airbrush gun.

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    3D Meister
    3D Meister

    2 years ago

    Perfect! the movement looks very smooth without much tolerance for a cable robot arm, well done! i am sure this has potential for some serious applications.