Miniature Armor From Soda Cans



Introduction: Miniature Armor From Soda Cans

 Please note that this is my first Instructable, so go easy on the comments. I've looked all over this site for miniature armor and weapons for my wax figurines (I may make an Instuctable about those, but I don't have the materials right now), but there weren't many for weapons and none for armor. So I decided to make my own.

Step 1: Supplies

-Soda can
-Duct tape
-Tin snips
-Sheet metal folding tool

Step 2: Cover the Can

 Cover the soda can with duct tape. This will reinforce the can and help prevent sharp edges.

Step 3: Cut Off the Top

 Cut the top part off of the soda can. Try not to maim the can too much.

Step 4: Cut the Bottom Off

 Cut down the side off the can and cut off the bottom.

Step 5: Crease the Sheet

 Use the metal bending device to make a crease down the middle of the sheet of metal. Then fold it down along the crease.

Step 6: Trim the Edges

 Cut off the edges of the folded can with the tin snips to smooth them out, and make them symmetrical.

Step 7: Cut Out the Armour

 Cut into the folded edge of the metal, and cut a shape equal to half your armor. It's hard to explain this step.

Step 8: Your Armor Is Done

 Just unfold the armor and its done.

Step 9: The Weapon

 Cut out the shape you want for the weapon, but don't unfold it this time.

Step 10: Wrapping the Handle

 Lay a strip of duct tape length wise along the handle of the weapon, then wrap it tightly around.

Step 11:

 now make any necessary modifications to the armor and find a way to attach it to... whatever it is you want to attach it to.

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