Miniature Battery Motor G15

Introduction: Miniature Battery Motor G15

When one magnet is placed on a D battery and a magnetic wire is suspended above it, the electrons flow through the wire to create a spin in the coil of the wire.

Step 1: Gather Materials

-1 D Battery

-2 large paperclips

-1 piece of 26 gauge magnet wire covered in red enamel (approximately 115 inches in length)

-1 rubber band

-1 small rectangular magnet

-1 small piece of sandpaper

Step 2: Creating the Loop Part 1

Begin by taking both ends of the wire and folding it in half. Place the battery inside the fold.

Step 3: Creating the Loop Part 2

Wrap both ends of the wire around the battery tightly and equally until you have a small amount of excess wire hanging from both sides. Gently slip the loop off the battery, making sure it does not come loose.

Note: It is critical that the excess wire ends are directly across from each other, as show in the picture.

Once you have made the loop, gently remove it from the battery being careful not to let your loop become loose.

Step 4: Finishing the Loop

Using the excess wire, wrap both ends towards the inside of the circle, forming tight loops.

Step 5: Shaving the Enamel

Using a small piece of sandpaper and one arm of the loop, shave off all the red enamel until the wire turns a gold color.

On the other arm of the loop, shave only the bottom half of the wire, leaving the top half red.

Step 6: Bending the Paperclips

You will be doing the following steps on both paperclips. The photos provided are numbered in order of steps.

1. Take the inner loop of the paperclip and pull it away from the middle.

2. Keep pulling until the paperclip is completely straight.

3. With the outer portion of the paperclip, bend the arm in half.

Step 7: Attaching the Paperclips

Using the two bent paperclips, 1 D battery, and 1 rubber band, attach the paperclips to the battery.

1. Twist the rubber band to make a double loop.

2. Stretch the rubber band around the battery horizontally.

3. Slip the non-bent portion of the paperclips in between the rubber band and the battery on both sides. Make sure the top of both paperclips lineup with each other.

Step 8: Using the Magnet

The small magnet should be placed directly in the middle of the paperclips on the top portion of the battery.

Step 9: Finishing Up

Now, the only thing you have left to do is place the loop on the bent portion of the paperclips!

Note: The wire loop may need a slight nudge to get it going.

Step 10: Tips for Improvement

1. The loop may spin faster if the whole mechanism is tilted forward.

2. Adding a second magnet on top of the first one may give the loop an extra boost.

3. Moving the magnet(s) to the back portion of the battery gives the loop a push from the back instead of underneath.

4. Shaving off a little more than half of the second arm's enamel gives more time for the electrons to flow through the wire.

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