Miniature Birdcage Ornament!

Introduction: Miniature Birdcage Ornament!

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This is a video I made at the request of one of my viewers, and it details the process of the creation of a small decorative "bird cage" out of ~1mm copper wire. You can use bigger or smaller stuff, but I think 1mm is perfect. You can find this stuff in stranded cables, and just strip the insulation, cut, and pull the pieces out. These little birdcages can be used for earrings, ornaments on trees, or just to hang from a necklace or bureau. Great for a St. Valentine's Day Gift for that special someone.

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    this is great stuff i love the lack of aires and the seriuos humor it makes it funnier and that will make it popular and it can deliver the message i think this site has i am bringing light to the message the presntation makes by being done so well in a simple manner which means we can all share something we make. After viewng the make a birdcage I am in awe it is so homely that it makes it perfect, the lack of a shiny finnish the strange shape and just how the fellow makes it with his fingers and soldering gun make it worthy to view. I am in awe of your simple presentatioin its so well done.Ken