Miniature Dollhouse Lamp With Changeable Lampshades


Hello I am Sarah from Creative Minds.I operate this public YouTube channel along with my brother....

Hello Crafters, I am Sarah from Creative Minds.

Today, we made this cute miniature dollhouse lampshade with changeable lampshade feature.

For a quick tutorial watch this:-

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1-Colored or printed paper(for the lampshade)

2-Lampshade template or (you can draw one yourself)

3-A Q-tip

4-A thick straw

5-Colored yarn or paint

6-Card stock



*Take any printed paper that matches your dollhouse or doll bed and turn it into your doll's lampshade using any of the templates.And cut few thin strips of the same paper and glue them on top for support.

*I made the lamp structure using a straw and 3 small pieces of Q-tips.

*I wrapped colored yarn around the straw and glued it.

*Then I glued 3 Q-tip pieces on top.And added a piece of square card stock on the bottom for the base.


If you have any video requests please comment.

Thank You,


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