Miniature Dosa Fridge Magnet From Clay




Hi all, I am Nithish Arjun from India. I am 10 years old , studying in Fourth standard. Do follow...

Hi friends , Happy to share my favorite clay art. Miniature food from Thai clay.

Polymer clay can also be used.

Miniature food art can used to decorate your fridge as fridge magnets.

Any food can be replicated in clay. In this instructable , i am going to show you how to make mini dosa.


* Thai clay/ polymer clay

* chappati roller

* glue

* scissors

* tooth pick

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Step 1: Making of the Plate

* Take some white clay and roll it flat as shown

* Cut the clay into a desired shape of circle / square. Basically ,Square plates look beautiful for display.

* Make cups for the chutney/ sambhar by making small balls and piercing in the middle.

* arrange them { the cups} on the plate .

Take the green clay and roll flat . Cut into rectangular shape and draw lines as shown in pic using a tooth pick, to get the effect of banana leaf.

Place it on the plate.

Step 2: Making of Dosa

Fill the cups with the colour of gravy.

* Take the Light brown clay and roll it to the shape of Dosa as shown in figure.

* Stick the dosa to the plate.

* Paint the lines on Dosa using a paint brush as shown in Figure.

And your miniature dosa fridge maget is ready.!!!

Step 3: Also for Small Business

These fridge magnets can be used to start up a small business. Make variety of food fridge magnets and enjoy clay crafting !!

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