Miniature ESP Relay Board for Home Automation

The ESP relay board fits into your switchboard and connects your appliances to wifi . Its only 9cm x 4cm x 2.1 cm and comes with an onboard 240V to 5V adapter, so you need nothing more than the board.

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Source code at

Step 1: Disonnect Mains Power

Switch off the mains supply. Make sure no appliance turns on. Please do not be overconfident while dealing with 240V mains.

Step 2: Power Up the Board

Connect the Live wire to the socket named Live on the board. Connect the neutral wire to the socket named Neutral.

Step 3: Connect the Load

Identify the Live wire going to the appliance and connect it to the port named L1.

Repeat steps 2 to 3 for Load 2 and Load 3 if desired.

Step 4: Customizing the Board

If you wish to program the ESP8266 yourself, the GPIO's are marked for your reference.

Additionally you can take a look at the board schematics here:

Step 5: Connecting to the Board

First connect to the wifi network "esprelayboard" and enter your home network settings. After this you could install apple's bonjour software on your desktop and type in esprelayboard.local. Voila, you should have home automated! Typing in in your browser could also work. Most mobile browsers allow you to add a webpage shortcut to your homescreen.



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