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Introduction: Miniature Edible Baking Scene

Inspired by my love for dollhouses and baking, I created this miniature baking scene using things I already had on hand. To give you an idea of scale, the 2-layer chocolate cake is actually a standard size cupcake and the table is Barbie sized. To recreate this tiny edible baking scene, you'll need:

1 standard size vanilla cupcake
1 mini cupcake, any flavor
1/2 cup chocolate frosting
7 Very Cherry, 4 Coconut, 2 Red Apple, and 1 Pina Colada Jelly Belly jelly beans
2 caramel squares
1 heaping tbsp powdered sugar
1 tsp corn syrup
1 oz. glass prep bowl
plastic piping bag

To make the chocolate cake: Level the standard size cupcake and remove the paper liner. Tort the cupcake to make two cake layers. Using the chocolate frosting, frost between the layers, stack, and then frost the entire cupcake. Pipe a decorative top and bottom border. Halve the Very Cherry jelly beans and top the cupcake with them. Brush them with corn syrup to give them shine. Cut a slice out and place it on a small dish. I used one from my daughter's tea set.

Next, remove the wrapper from the mini cupcake and place it in the glass bowl. Spoon a small amount of powdered sugar over it. Make a well in the powdered sugar. Add a few drops of corn syrup into the well for the egg whites. Insert one half of the Pina Colada jelly bean for the yolk. Repeat the egg process for the broken egg adding a halved Coconut jelly bean for the shells. Place 3 whole Coconut jelly beans nearby for eggs.

To make the rolling pin, warm the caramel squares in your hand and form them into a tube shape. Insert a Red Apple jelly bean into each end.

Lastly, snip two inches off the end of the piping bag. Fill it with chocolate frosting and snip the very tip. Pipe a small amount of chocolate frosting onto your serving plate and place the mini piping bag nearby.

Optional: Display the baking scene on a dollhouse size kitchen table and add kitchen-themed scrapbook stickers to complete the look. I used two, a rubber spatula and measuring cups.

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    4 years ago

    I know this is older, but maybe put it in the "Big or Small Contest"? Well done! :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Adorable! I thought it was clay at first - I can't believe it's all edible!