How to Make a Miniature Fishing Pole




First off, this is my first Instructable.  I had been  looking at fishing poles on Instructables when I thought about making my own.  I copied the idea of a pen launcher and I used a basic idea for the pole. Made 1/30/2010

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Step 1: What You Need

I used some household items to make this so you'll probably have the stuff.
-1 Bic round stic pen
-Duck tape
-1 small binder clip
-1 bolt
-3 small washers
-2 big washers
-2 nuts
-hot glue gun
-and a small paperclip
- 1 rubber-band

Step 2: Building the Rod

1. Take the front end off the pen and remove the ink tube
2.Cut the rubber-band in half and tape each end to one side of the pen thing
3.Then,tape the launcher piece to the front of the pen casing
(keep the ink tube ,you will need it)

Step 3: Making the Reel

Okay, good job making it this far. Before I go on, I hope you realize you wont catch a very big fish with this rod.  lets get started.
1. Clip the binder clip onto the opposite end of the pen from the launcher
2. get your bolt and put a small washer on by the head of the bolt
3.then partially put the bolt through the first grip and put the 2 big washers and one small on the bolt
4. now put the rest of the bolt through the second grip
5.put on the last small washer and 1 nut
6.bend one end up from the parer-clip and put it on the bolt and hot glue it in place
7.put the second nut on the bolt so the paper-clip is sandwiched between bolts.  The paper-clip will be used as the handle.

Step 4: Add the Fishing Line

Get about 14 feet of fishing line and tie it into a very tight square knot onto the bolt.  Cut off the excess line.Reel in all the line except for 1 foot.  put the end of the line through the launcher hole. Get the ink tube and tie the fishing line to it so 1 foot of line is on the other end of it. Tie a fishing hook to the end of the line.

Step 5: Launching

By now, you have probably realized, this will be hard to cast out.  Luckily, this rod launches itself.  I have different parts of the pole labeled as part A,B,and C. Check out the picture.
 1. First, unreel the amount of line you want.  The more line you let out, the further your line will cast out.
 2. Now, push the ink tube through part B and let the end of the ink tube catch on the rubber-band.
 3. Push the tube through the 2 washers on the reel.
 4. Be sure part A snaps into part B
 5. To launch, aim the pole towards the spot you want it to land and push part C towards part B
                                                                           Tadda! Hopefully, you'll catch a fish.



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    5 years ago

    Awesome job


    8 years ago on Step 3

    Apart from that its not too bad :)


    8 years ago on Step 3

    Its not too clear here. I recommend better quality pics and explain a little more thouroghly


    8 years ago on Step 5

    the fishing pole is really neat especially the self launching feature


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 5

    I think it's optional, but it'll help.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You need to go as far as adding the hook, also explain how you use this since you don't have a long-rod (a video would be good?) and non-blurry photos.
    Also remove the last step, as it is pointless and makes this look bad.


    3 replies