Miniature Football Field Goal, Football, and Grass (Made Out of Wire)

Introduction: Miniature Football Field Goal, Football, and Grass (Made Out of Wire)

I had some free time, so I decided to make a field goal, football, and some artificial grass. All this is done with wire. This is for the "Weekly Challenge: Wire" contest
Items you will need

- Soldering iron
- Solder
- Saftey glasses
- 18 AWG wire or larger.... it needs to be uninsulated wire!
- Ruler or alternate measuring devise
- A couple of heavy duty pliers
- optional ... a handy vise with alligator clips
- Wire cutters
- piece of styrofoam
- scissors
- green marker
- Razor knife
- 18 AWG green wire

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Step 1: Stretch Wire!

First off the wire needs to be straight. Do the following in order to achieve this!

- Cut off a couple feet of wire
- Grip one end of the wire with pliers, then wrap the wire around the pliers a couple times
- Then do the same thing with the other end of the wire and other set of pliers
- Put one end on the ground and stand on it
- Grab the other end with both hands and pull hard
- You will actually feel the wire stretch a little bit
- At this point you now have made the wire straight

Step 2: Cut Wire / Assembly

Cut 3 pieces of wire 3 1/2" inch

Solder together as the picture shows

Step 3: Cut Wire / Assembly

Now cut a piece of wire 5 1/2"  to 6" inches

after you cut this wire, you need to put a bend in it; I used the neck of a bottle of water.

I just judged it.... no need to be perfect

Then I soldered it to step 2

see pictures

Step 4: Make Some Grass

I cut a piece of styrofoam any size you want

color it green with a green marker

cut out small 1" inch pieces of 18 AWG green wire

fold them in half and stick them into the styrofoam

follow the pictures

Step 5: Make a Little Football

I bent 4 pieces of wire around a quarter

then soldered them together in the shape of a football

see pics

Step 6: Finished Product

Now just stick the field goal post into the fake grass and add the little football for a nice touch. All Done

Oh ya..... Go Browns....................I know ..... I know!!!

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