Miniature Furniture for a Small Scale House or Dollhouse

Introduction: Miniature Furniture for a Small Scale House or Dollhouse

About: Retired, doing art work now. Great. Have the time and the money to spend doing what I want to do.

Years ago I decided to make a scale model of a house. I had done a similar project back in high school and thoroughly enjoyed doing it, and the concept just stayed with me, I guess. I made the house and then decided to make some furniture for it, wire it for lights and make "viewable tv sets".  There was a garage, a rec room, two bedrooms, etc. The pictures tell the story, hope you enjoy them!



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    I am impressed. Love dollhouses and miniatures. Hope to build one soon and you can help build the Victorian furniture that will be needed.

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    Thanks Jennifer: I did that project years ago, and really enjoyed making the miniature furniture! Good luck with your project!

    I'm always looking for new ideas!!!! Love these so creative reminded me of my pap workin on doll house things for me!! Share more please

    Adorable, and wow you have lots of patience to do the *whole* house in detail!

    Ditto, the saw. That is a unique piece. All very nice work. Way more patience than I have.

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    If you want to add shiny metal effect (Like UR TV bezel or knobs, tablesaw etc.) try foil has some good info. For small metal objects you could expand UR art via "Lostwax Casting" & a low-temp alloy (Here's a PDF with the basics_I use the process to make jewelry.) & pewter a low-temp casting metal, If casting is too much trouble you could try metal clay & bake. For small props like pool balls or food you might try polymer clay there are good 'ibles to help! I've seen folks make canes that are large & by rolling they get smaller in diameter, but longer. When large it's easy to make complex details that look impossible to make when rolled small. I just pulled the links from a Google search i.e. I'm not affiliated w/ them. :)