Miniature Gardens

Introduction: Miniature Gardens

This is a great way to spend time and really enjoy what spring gives us! They are very pretty and can be great gifts too. You can create your own very easily. Nature gives us (almost) all the materials!

You will need:

A Clay or Plastic Saucer (not to tall)



Moss (optional)


Paint and Paintbrushes

A small box

Any other decorations you can think of

Hope you enjoy!!!!

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Step 1: Get Your Base

Shovel a piece (about as large as your saucer) of grass or moss (includes lots of dirt) into your saucer.

Step 2: Paint Your Box

I used a butter box, but any box around that size can be used.

Paint the box any colors you want the house to be.

Use acrylics and coat it 2 or 3 times for best colors (let dry for a few minutes and then paint again).

Place the house in the middlish back of the saucer once dry.

Step 3: Collect the Decorations

If you have an abundant supply of little rocks and pebbles like I do, then your in luck. If not you can use other plants.

Any flowers, rocks, and some twigs will do.

If you want a "stream" on your saucer, simply put a bunch of pebbles in a paper bowl, squirt blue (if you don't have blue, then some green and black) into the bowl and mix.

Decorate how you want!

Step 4: Put It All Together

You can sit your house on top of the grass/moss and decorate around it. I put a path made out of rocks leading to the edge wit flower petals covering the sides. I also have so long white flowers with the bottoms in the ground to resemble trees. I sprinkled very small flowers around the edge too.

If you want, you can take a smaller piece of grass (includes dirt) and make a hill.

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