Miniature Halloween Candy Bucket

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Things you will need...

Play doh

play doh tools

tooth pick

black packaging wire

clear nail varnish

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Step 1: Shape Your Bucket

Roll a ball of orange play doh and hollow it out with a ball point tool or your hands.

Step 2: Make It Look Like a Pumpkin

Make indentations with a knife tool

Step 3: Make Holes for the Handle

Use a tooth pick to make holes on each side, make sure they are parallel.

Step 4: Make the Features

Cut out two triangles of black play doh and use a fan tool to make the mouth, then add these to the bucket

Step 5: Make the Handle

Use a piece of black packaging wire for the handle. Push it through the holes and curve it to make the handle.

Let the halloween bucket air dry and harden and then seal with clear nail varnish and it's complete.

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