Miniature Matchstick Side Table





This is a miniature side table made of match sticks. It is 45mm (1 ¾”) wide (one match stick) and 67mm (2 ¾”) tall. It has a fully functioning drawer complete with waxed drawer runners and a handle made from a nail.


  1. Choose only the straightest matches. I discarded more than half of the bag because they weren’t straight enough. Line them up on a piece of glass and rub wood glue or school glue into the joints to make boards. For the legs I assembled four lengths impregnated with glue and wrapped them with tape.
  2. Allow to dry fully and cut the components slightly over size with a sharp craft knife. Sand the components to size using a sanding block.
  3. Use tiny spots of super glue to assemble the structure and coat the joints with wood glue. Be sure to wipe off any excess.
  4. Make the drawer to fit the aperture and sand very carefully. Don’t rush it. Eventually it will slide in perfectly. Wax the drawer runners with candle wax and drill a small hole to fit a tack/nail to make the handle.
  5. Use finishing oil or vegetable oil to finish the model.


  • Use electrical insulation tape to wrap the legs when drying. If you stretch the tape while you wrap it will compress like an elastic band, making the legs very strong.
  • A sharp blade is very important for a project like this. Buy the cheapest craft knifes and use a new one for every project.
  • To fill any gaps, put a tiny spot of wood glue (PVA/school glue) in the gap or crack and sand the surface with fine sandpaper. The dust will fill the gap and your joints will look perfect.

It’s too small for any real use but it’s great for amazing your friends and hiding your girlfriend’s earrings. Tell her ‘They are in a drawer’ and watch as she checks every drawer in the house 10 times but forgets about this one :)




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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I tried to add superglue to the joints and the matchsticks just don't stick together. I also tried to use wood glue instead and it dries and stays together for a while but then comes back apart. Am I doing something wrong?

    2 replies

    Wow! that is very strange. What kind of match sticks are you using? All i can think of is that the match sticks might be waxed or impregnated with something that the glue doesn't adhere to.

    Super glue sticks practically anything and wood glue should work great unless there is wax or grease present.

    All i can suggest is trying different match sticks. Let me know how you get on.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm using I think Diamond brand matches. Do you suggest another brand that would work better? I actually found that if I let the wood sit for a few days in a dark, cool room that they harden up substantially to where I can pretty much use them. The only problem is that the glue comes undone in the middle of the wood slices.