Miniature Pan and Tilt Camera

Introduction: Miniature Pan and Tilt Camera

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I decided to build a smaller pan and tilt rig for my camera
In a future instructable i will be adapting the rig to hold a laser pointer with the on and off switch on the joystick
will post a video of it working in the next day or two

 - You will need a joystick (I have an instructable on how to build the one i used here)
 - you will need 2 motors that are geared down, i pulled mine out of two old floppy drives
if you have motors like i do you dont need much else.
 - also need a hot glue gun and a soldering iron
 - dead 9 volt battery
 - wire
 - 12 crimp wire ends
 - and if you want, some zip ties

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Step 1: Motors

First you will need to mount a piece of metal that you can mount the camera to the tilt motor
Now glue the whole tilt motor to the gear of the pan motor

Step 2: Wiring

Now is the fun part of wiring the joystick to the motors
start by cutting 8, four inch long sections of wire
strip the ends of the wires and then place the ends of two different pieces of wire into one wire end connector and make the wire like shown in the picture
You need to make two sets of wire like this

Now take apart a 9volt battery and take the plug off the top, this is going to be the plug for your power
solder the lengths of wire that you made in the steps before to the terminals on the plug

Now take and plug in the four connects on one strand to the same spot on each switch, do this for the other strand to

cut 4 wires to run from the motors to the last open connector on the switches, put an end connected on one end of each wire
wire the other end without the connector to the motor, if the joystick is moving the pan or tilt function in the wrong direction just switch the wires with connectors

you are now done, enjoy

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