Miniature Play-Doh Pizzas

About: Happy learning!

Intro: Miniature Play-Doh Pizzas

Our little boy loves to eat pizzas and he's taking interest in cooking. So we had fun making miniature pizzas with Play-Doh and taught him how pizzas are made. Enjoy watching our video!

Step 1: Supplies


- red

- yellow

- blue

- white

- black


- chopping board

- round cutter

- knife

- roller

- meat tenderizer

- mechanical pencil cap

Step 2: Prepare Toppings

I used a mechanical pencil cap to make mini clay pepperonis, and handmade the rest of pizza toppings.

As for mixing clay to make secondary and tertiary colors, please check out our tutorial video on how to make rainbow colors.

Step 3: Pizza Dough and Tomato Sauce

I used a round cookie cutter to shape mini pizza dough. And used a meat tenderizer to create texture on red clay for tomato sauce and white clay for mozzarella cheese.

Now you know the secrets behind the making of miniature clay pizzas, try making miniature pizzas of your own. Have fun!



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