Miniature Terrarium in a Light Bulb

I have always loved Terrariums and things in miniature and I saw some pictures of other peoples lightbulb terrariums and decided to have a go at making one for myself.

I have attached a video in step one that shows the full process.

In this video I made the stand out of a piece of drift wood but I have also made them of aluminium and other materials. Its all a matter of the look you are trying to achieve. I think the wood gives a really natural effect to the display.

Step 1: The Process

Watch the video for the full process



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    2 years ago

    Maybe it is because I am using the Instructables app but there is no video for me to watch :(

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    Reply 2 years ago


    Ive checked it out on my pc and the video is fine. Here is the youtube link to the video,

    hope that helps