Miniature Tuberose Vase

Introduction: Miniature Tuberose Vase

Tuberoses often drop flowers and I put them in water to keep them alive and smelling fantastic. I have been using the lid from a wine bottle. I wanted to decorate it and was inspired by the fantastic jewellery of Hubert Duprat, he uses the cadissfly to make these incredible pieces. Here is video of them with a voice over by him.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Wine bottle lid
Some fishing weights to glue to the bottom (I bought them from
Sequins, pearl beads, blue beads (my local craft shop didn't have any gold bugle beads :( )
Epoxy glue
Tooth picks

Step 2: Glue

Sorry about the quality of the photo.
I was worried about the weight of the water and flowers so I wanted to put some lead weights on the bottom of the vase - so first attaching the weights to the bottom. I used 5 min epoxy so I could keep going quickly.

Step 3: More Glue

This is a better photo of the weights, and I have started to glue the sequins and then the blue beads - there is a candlestick holding the bottle top down because the weights are doing their job.
The next photo shows the blue beads being glued.

Step 4: Finished

Here is the 'vase' finished and then with the flowers in it.

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