Miniature Multipurpose Survival Kit

I'm going to show you a variant of a miniature survival kit.
This is a compact knapsack I bought from the Assategue national park in Maryland. It doubles as a kit and an extra bag when unpacked.

Now, down to business; there is first, a miniature drawstring bag that can be used for various thing. Second, a pair of earplugs; these can be used for. noise reduction as well as a filler for water leaks in a bag when applied with glue or a adherent substance. Second, any small compact flashlight will do well for many situations. Followed by this is a long tube and a clip; these are useful as a straw and straw holder for suctioning and filtering water. Paper for writing is next up. Followed by a gauze pad/patch for applying ointments and such. After this comes aluminum foil for signaling and maybe cooking boiling water if used correctly, also a Bible verse is included(You don't want to be alone!). Next is some extra money. After this comes salt and sugar straws, not large quantities but should last you if used sparingly. Q-tips for applying medicinal paste or just hygiene in general. Followed by a pocketknife, matches, and striking strip and a rolled up bag. Up next is bandaids, ibuprofen, and alcohol prep pads, various uses. Finally comes used dryer sheets; these work really well for filtering water. This is my first Instructable! HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

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