Pocket-sized Wire Loop Game



Introduction: Pocket-sized Wire Loop Game

I made this miniaturized game, all the elements can be removed and placed inside the box,

and you can reshape the wire infinitely so the game can be hard or easy.

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Step 1: Material :

All the parts are on the picture.

Step 2: Circuit :

Follow this very simple schematic.

When the circle touch the wire, the circuit is closed and the current flows. That way the led turns on and the buzzer ring.

Step 3: Connectors :

Remove the metallic part from an IC socket and place a ring of heat-shrink tube around it you'll need three of them.

Step 4: Drilling :

Drill these holes in the box.

3 for the connectors (2mm),

1 for the led (5mm),

1 for the switch.

Step 5: Connectors (2) :

Place the 3 connectors in the 2mm holes they are insulated from the box thanks to the heat-shrink tube.

Step 6: Enclose the Circuit :

Place the circuit in the box and be sure that there is no short circuit !

Step 7: Closure System :

Cut 4 screws stick them on the lid and place magnets on the corners of the box.

I made like that because I wanted the box to be easily openable and when it's closed, there is the illusion that the lid is screwed.

Step 8: Game :

Bend a wire to make the game and make the circle.

At the extremity of the handle I placed a little plug in order to plug a jumper wire.

Step 9: End !

The project is now finish! All can fit in the box so it's transportable!!!

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