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Hello people, here some pictures of my homemade minibike, it isn't a step by step guide, but only pictures

here's a blueprint:

if you got questions you can ask me any time!!

(im NOT responsible for YOUR mistakes!!)



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    awesome bike, just wondering were you got you wheels from or how you made them?

    Was it pretty hard to get the motor aligned with the back procket? Because if it's off a little bit you have some pretty big problems. Can you link where you got the motor at? Im guessing prob around 30-50cc? How fast can you go haha

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    no it was not pretty hard to get the motor aligned with the back procket.
    its a 50cc and i get it from one of these
    i don't know the top speed

    (sorry for the bad english,im from the NL and 14 years old)


    That mini bike you made looks sweet! I would have loved to have had one when I was your age. The terror of the town! 5 stars for you.

    I assume you built the frame. Did you design the frame with a computer program, or build a wooden mock-up to work out the kinks? What was the most difficult part of this project and how did you work around the difficulties? Thanks.

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    im from the NL and 14 years old, so sorry for the bad english

    I build the frame by myself (with some help of my dad) all the information we needed came from this blueprint:

    the most difficult part was attaching the engine.

    i hope this is helpfull for you, and i add soon some detailed photo's

    Thank you for your response. I admire anyone who can write or speak in a second language. I know from experience how difficult that is, especially to do it correctly. Thank you for the link to the frame design. I also admire anyone 14 years old who engages in home workshop projects like this one. The skills and knowledge you are gaining will help you during the rest of your life.