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Introduction: Minigolf Playset

About: ...i am just an avarage guy with an regular job...and some crazy ideas... so live and let diy ;)

For my sons 8th birthday-party i wanted to do something very special so i decided on building a pirate theme Minigolf-playset

Step 1: Materials

I bought a Pirate-playset to use as decoration and bought 3 plates of OSBplates

Step 2: Cutting the Osb

I cutted the 3 plates identically and took some mdf 5mm thick to srew all around ass frame

i drilled a hole in each center of the circle to fit in the golf ball

Step 3: Modeling and Shaping

I used scraped wood and mixed sawdust with woodglue to do the rocks and sand landscape

Step 4: Coloring and Decorating

first i painted the hole plates with primes and then i used acrylic paint and painted all with a u can see it took a lot of time to gett the 3 plates realistic painted...last thing glewing and screwing the pirates and other decoratif stuff....the pictures speak for them self lol

Step 5: Finish

to prevent and save the colours and painting i added 3 layers of protective lacquer



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      12 Discussions

      i want one set for my 43 birthday im jealous. very kool man.

      1 reply

      thank you thats nice.... just try to do it yourself its very easy and you could use almost everything for scenary, star wars, zoo, etc...if you would have lived in germany i could have made you a set


      2 years ago

      just wow! that is an awesome gift for your boy, i hope he was happy with it!
      And btw thats an incredible perspective paintjob, that water and those palmtrees blew me away. just wow :-)

      1 reply

      yes he was excited and meanwile its like a birthday tradition to play minigolf on our birthday partys :-)

      but in Lego it would also look nice and there u will have much more fun to create or change