Minimal Duct Tape Wallet



I made this wallet several years ago. It's a simple one that holds a few cards and some cash. It's inspired by the Saddleback wallets. I'll try to supplement the video with this instructable.

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Step 1: Needed

You'll need:

Duct tape




Step 2: Fabric

To make this wallet, we'll make a sheet of duct tape fabric that is 40cm x 11cm. This way we can just cut it up easily into the 4 pieces needed to make it.

Step 3: Pieces

After making the 1 sheet of fabric, make sure it measures 40cm x 11cm. We can then cut them.

You'll need:

16x11 cm (1 piece)

12x11 cm (1 piece)

5x11 cm (2 piece)

Step 4: Assemble

It's gonna be hard to explain this part so it's best to watch the video.

Step 5: Complete

The wallet is complete and you can start to add your own cards and cash.

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