Minimalist 3D Printed Wallet

This wallet is modeled after a few minimalist wallets I have seen on kickstarter, and instead of buying one I decided to make one!

This wallet has three pieces and can hold several cards (I usually carry about 6 cards, but you could carry plenty more) and folded cash. It features a quick access slot to allow easy swiping of a commonly used card and a divot to allow you to take all the cards out at once. I have used this wallet for 8 months and would never go back to a full wallet.

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Step 1: Supplies

The only thing you need for this project is 2 hair bands (the elastic ones you can find at any convince store or grocery store, and the printed parts.

Step 2: Print Files

Print the included file, or go to the thingiverse page to see if there is an updated version of the wallet.

Step 3: Assembly of Wallet

Stack plates in this order starting from the bottom

- Solid piece with lip up

- Slit piece with lip down

- Square hole with slip down

Then place hair ties around the wallet, on in the area with the little notch and one in the rectangular cutout on the edges.

Step 4: Using the Wallet

The cash goes on the side without and holes and slides underneath the bands. The quick access card goes in the side with the square hole. The hole allows you to use your thumb to quickly side the card out to be able to swipe the mag strip and then put the card away with one hand. To get the rest of the cards, slide the band down (as shown in the picture) and then the wallet allows you to pivot the wallet open, and take cards out or put them away.

Enjoy your new minimalist wallet!

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