Minimalist Couch




Introduction: Minimalist Couch

I made this sofa for a friend. My brother designed it using Rhinoceros 5 and I made it with my own hands... and some tools. It will give your home that modern and visually stunning appearance.

Step 1: Wood

Cut the pieces as you can see in the drawings file. I bought Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), it's cheap and resistant. Join the parts with screws (1 and a half inches) and glue for wood according to the drawing.

Then add a pine wood frame inside. It's very resistant.

Step 2: Strap

Attach the strap to the pine wood frame using screws as you can see in the pictures.

Step 3: Formica

Use plastic laminant for furnishing. Bright white.

Step 4: Iron

I don't have the right tools and skills to make the iron tubular structure so the right man did it for me and then I painted with electrostatic paint. Finally I fixed it to the wood with 4 screws.

Step 5: Cushions

Another guy made the cushions for me with the right measures. I chose grey leather.

Step 6: Finished

That's the sofa, and that's my friend's office. I made the furniture to the office too. I hope you like it and sorry for my english.



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    21 Discussions

    Awesome couch!

    Do you believe it would be possible to replace the metal structure with wood?

    Nice! Good work. You nailed the modern style. I agree, however with those who asked for more detailed instructions, not all of us can look and get it.

    1 reply

    This couch is sick! And, regardless of who had helped you construct specific elements, it was still your idea. And that's really what's most important. Seriously, those who comment on you not doing some of the work, need to understand that most consumer products are made that way. But, without a designers ideas, there would be no products made at all.
    On that note, kudos to you. This couch is beautiful!

    1 reply

    thanks for your words. I didn't think to make an instructable when I made this couch, I just took some pictures of the process and then uploaded them here so thank you very much, your words help me to go ahead making new things


    2 years ago

    Great job with beautiful design and easy process

    1 reply

    oh i love this im going to try it with all wood and material an i will be able to do it myself good job its gorjus

    1 reply

    This is a great looking couch! Very clean and simple. I like it!

    1 reply