Minimalist RFID Safe Metal Wallet Bill Fold

Introduction: Minimalist RFID Safe Metal Wallet Bill Fold

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Ok this is my wallet i am a minimalist and hate the "Constanzi" oversize leather style wallet.
   Its pretty simple to make and cost less then 10 bucks total to make.
 I bought a stainless steel bill fold and a stainless steel business card holder off of ebay both together cost like 10 bucks.
  Then i glued them together with JB weld fist is used some sand paper to ruff up both surfaces, you could weld it if you have the tools but the jb wield has held it quite well for some time.

There you go a cool looking minimalist wallet that also protects your RFID credit cards from being unlawful scanned by thieves.

It holds my drivers license 1 debit card 1 credit card and my paper driver insurance card, and what ever cash you can fit into the bill fold

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    in the past (and currently), as a paranoid hyper-aware creator of crazy things that no one would ever actually pay money for, I've bought super fine and thin brass mesh and used a 'wear-hearty' leather for the outer leather of the wallet with an upper flap that folds neatly down covering the cards. I glue in the fine mesh to the leather and finally a pleasantly super-soft book binding 1 oz. Sheepskin inside the works before sewing in the pockets....I should have just done an instructable, shouldn't i?! Oh well! All that to say you guys have great ides that I want to try.

    Another idea is a small metal cigarette box. We have a store that sells a lot of import items to people who do the flea market thing, and they sell such a box for about three dollars. The metal flaps (spring loaded) that would hold cigarettes do a great job of holding your license, debit/credit cards, and any other card that same size. As long as it''s metal, it will block the RFID scanners just fine. It will even stay together if you drop it, as long as it's not too far down or onto too hard a surface.